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Introductory email, April 7, 2011

The main company running the project, Breakthrough - sent out this email on April 7, 2011, pointing back to the website of Restore Fairness.

Breakthrough is pleased to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new Facebook-based game, America 2049, (Twitter hashtag #America2049). Already lauded by TIME.com, Wired.com and Salon.com, the game allows players to actively explore how the choices and challenges Americans now face will shape the future of the country, its democratic values and how America defines itself as a nation.
America 2049 features appearances by Harold Perrineau (LOST), Victor Garber (Alias),Cherry Jones (24), Anthony Rapp (Rent) and Margaret Cho (Notorious C.H.O.), who generously donated their time and talents to help Breakthrough put a human face on complex social issues.

Watch the trailer-

"America 2049" players are activated as agents for the Council on American Heritage, headed by Jefferson Williams II (Garber), and tasked with the capture of alleged terrorist Ken Asaba (Perrineau). Over 12 weeks, "America 2049" players will take on missions and face challenges based on human rights themes including immigration, race, sexual orientation, sex trafficking, religion, labor, national security and more.

"America 2049" challenges players to ask: how close are we already to America 2049--and how can we work together, in real life, to build a better future?

"America 2049" is the first Facebook game to integrate the social networking platform with many other resources, online and off: multimedia and interactive features, clues planted across the Internet and real-life events at leading cultural institutions nationwide, including members of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. Stay tuned for secret dates and locations across the country.

"Set in a balkanized, alt-reality USA splintered beyond...by fear, bias and paranoia, all the missions will be based on real-world, present-day hot-button issues like sex trafficking, immigration and labor...[T]he timing may be right to click into the world of 2049 and absorb its messages. You might be moved into acting on or learning about an important cause. And that's okay, because your farm or vendetta can wait."-- TIME

Join us in game play and "like" the America 2049" Facebook page.

Share with friends and protect the future of this country.

Thank you,
The Breakthrough Team