Divided We Will Fall

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Divided We Will Fall (DWF)



Once upon a time, the Unites States of America was a great nation: a land of liberty and opportunity. But greed, fear, and apathy have broken us.
State wars against state; open borders and open trade are long gone. Secession and mistrust are all that remains. And the Federal government, once the arbiter of all, has grown so weak that it verges on irrelevance.
Now our nation waits, mewling, for the death blow: The Abolition Ballot would make us no longer a nation, not even in name.
But it doesn’t have to be this way! Vote NO on the Abolition Amendment. America can rise from the ashes, reunited and renewed. The dream of America does not have to be over.


"Silent Court"
It started with SMRTTid. Every business, every government body, was able to identify you and link all of your activities together. Then a repressive fundamentalist regime came into office, and began dismantling rights that Americans had held sacred for generations — privacy and due process.
As the Federal government splintered, so, too, did our civil rights. Individual states remade societies in their own image, bringing back such evils as segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, and adding new restrictions against teaching about or practicing “foreign” cultures. Gay people returned to the dark days in which they had no meaningful protection under the law. The ability to travel between states freely was restricted. Immigration was throttled or halted.
Ultimately, even history was outlawed. And those who cannot learn history are doomed to repeat it.