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Quick Wiki Reference

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Additional Features:

Embedding video

Use the following code:

<youtube>[youtube code]</youtube>
<gvideo>[Google video code]</gvideo>



Embedding flash

Use the following code:

<flash>file=(filename-internal or external)|param1=value1|param2=value2|...</flash>



Detailed documentation on Mediawiki.

Indenting a paragraph

simply place the tag:


at the beginning of any line to indent

Relative Linking

instead of using the standard [[pagename|display]] format, use:


this will allow access to sub-pages without having to link down the entire url to the root web
eg: /Resources/People/Ingame could be referenced as {{rl|Ingame}} from the People page. eg: /Resources/People/OOgame could be referenced as {{rl|../OOgame|OOgame}} from the Ingame page

Spoiler tag

to hide potential spoiler text inline, place it within

spoiler tags

Embedded sections

to include subpages within the content, you can use the code:


or on multiple lines


'namespace' can be ignored for main pages, but the colon must remain - that is, the '/Puzzles' page could be referenced as 'content=:Puzzles' or 'content=WorldWithoutOil:Puzzles'
both 'header' and 'color' are optional. Leaving header blank removes the header line entirely. Leaving color blank renders the box in gray
The box is rendered to 100% of the width of the containing object (thus, to place some side by side, either enclose the template in a floated div, or within table cells, for example.