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Timeline, Story so far

March Launch

March 2

CAH posts job listing on LinkedIn.com for an "Agent/Agent-in-training"

The Council on American Heritage is looking for a new agent, and this leads to their website: Councilonamericanheritage.com, specifically http://councilonamericanheritage.com/?p=46 regarding the job.

March 31

An email from the CAH to accepted agent applicants explains what will be happening in a few days (April 4).

The Council on American Heritage emails individuals who applied for the agent position, describing a little about the upcoming preliminary assignment - to locate and capture the presumed terrorist Ken Asaba. Agents can gain ranks by working together visiting secret locations, noted "brick-and-mortar landmarks" across the country.

April 4

The countdown clock on America2049.com reaches zero. Anyone visiting this website is automatically redirected to America2049 on Facebook

Logging in to Facebook allows you to begin solving puzzles and interacting with the FB app/game as a CAH agent. Once completing the three parts to Level 1: Portland, the next event is indicated as coming April 11.

April 5

@ZooglioNews on Twitter begins posting news items