Jefferson Williams II

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Jefferson Williams II

  • CAH dossier (link) Highly classified
Sex: M
Citizenship: NSC
  • This information is highly classified.

From a CAH article [1]:

CAH Closes Mediation Group

“CAH will continue to work at fostering strong ties and lasting peace between state and regional governments,” said Jefferson Williams II. “For now, though, we think CAH should step out of the limelight and play a more supporting role in these political matters.”

From a CAH article [2]:

CAH Funds SerennCo Transgenic Interstellar Research

NSF passed over SerennCo’s proposal, but Jefferson Williams II went on record saying, “A future without natural resources is very near. In the next 5-10 years it will become an imperative to invest in research that can re-invent the resource paradigm.”