Ken Asaba

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Ken Asaba

Category: Classified
Sex: M
Citizenship: NA
Bio: Quarantine escapee. Lack of comprehensive records on this individual indicates records have been tampered with and/or purged, possibly to conceal a past history of criminal associations or convictions. Currently being pursued by CAH operatives.
  • Ken's Crowdrise page: (link)

From a CAH featured article (as of Mar 31) [1]:

Plague Hopper on the Run

Ken Asaba is a foreign national who has fled from a quarantine center outside of Portland, Oregon, and may be carrying the Namibian Plague. If you see him or have information that leads to his whereabouts, please notify CAH immediately. But don’t try to make contact with Asaba yourself — even beyond the danger of infection, there is some intelligence that he may be armed and dangerous. Stay alert!

Protect your family, your local community, and the nation by helping the CAH catch fugitives like Ken Asaba.