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Email: March 31, 2011

  • From: (the CAH)
  • Subject: Agent: America 2049 has received your application and...
Welcome, Agent,

We've taken a thorough look at your credentials and you have successfully passed our entrance exam. We expect you to report for duty in a few short days. You will be joining an elite team of agents tasked with a difficult case that we've been working on for some time.

Here is your assignment:

Today, in the year 2049, America stands at a crossroads, just steps from chaos]. You are an agent of the Council on American Heritage, tasked with the capture of a presumed terrorist. Here's a tip: other agents have reported that he resembles Harold Perrineau from that old television show, Lost. Coincidentally, a man who looks uncannily like early twenty-first century actor Victor Garber is your boss. And a masked woman who also may strike you as vaguely familiar will be sending you secret messages. We are counting on you to find this terrorist and help get this country back on track.

If you are serious about this job and this country (and, Agent, you should be if you want to move up in the ranks)youre going to really have to pay attention to keep up. Secret locations will be revealed to you gradually so you can meet other agents face-to-face and learn a thing or two at noted brick-and-mortar landmarks across the country.

Also, if you have a friend looking for a top-notch job, send him or her our way. It has been quite a difficult search finding qualified agents since the 2030s.

We will be in touch in a few days with more information to help you build your case and track your quarry.

Again, welcome. And good luck to you, Agent.

The Council on American Heritage
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