Level 1: Portland

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Twentyfortynine, Level 1: Portland

WARNING: Spoilers below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


F 268 Avatar agent3.jpg L1P3-f.jpg
G 267 Avatar agent3.jpg L1P3-g.jpg
J 264 Avatar agent3.jpg L1P3-j.jpg
L 262 Avatar agent1.jpg L1P3-l.jpg
M 261 Avatar agent2.jpg L1P3-m.jpg
Clear the area Avatar agent3.jpg

The chief has given clear instructions that we cover the entire area before moving on to another district. Leave no stone unturned, agent.

Run a search Avatar agent1.jpg

This place is empty. Run a Zooglio search on anything interesting in your files, agent.

Hidden clues Avatar agent2.jpg

No go. DWF has been known to hide crucial information in their communications. Take a look through what we've uncovered so far, and make sure we aren't missing anything.

Bill Yarrow Avatar agent1.jpg L1P3-Itinerary021-Bill Yarrow.jpg
Paul Thomas Avatar agent3.jpg L1P3-Itinerary031-Paul Thomas.jpg
Informant 104 Avatar agent1.jpg File:L1P3-Audio-Informant104-Racism.f4v
Graffiti Avatar agent1.jpg L1P3-graffitiJ.jpg
DWF Code: JAHV7 (Zooglio result)
KA: The tech experts I needed to speak to are not trusting of outsiders. Earning trust takes time.
?: ...
Graffiti Avatar agent3.jpg L1P3-graffiti9.jpg
DWF Code: 9RKE (Zooglio result)
?: Well? Did you get what you needed?
KA: ...
Part 3 of 3 Avatar agent1.jpg L1P3-JaneAddams031.png

Live Event?

April 14, 6:30-8:30pm
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum (hullhousemuseum.org, Ph# 312-413-5353)
800 S. Halsted Chicago, IL 60607-7017
What Airport? Avatar agent1.jpg

If we knew what airport Asaba flew in from, we might get an idea where he might go next. Have you dug anything up?


He didn't come from out of the country? Well, it's not standard op to quarantine in that case, but I'm sure they had a good reason.

DWF Code: QMX3 (Zooglio result)
KA: We can go now
?: ...
Safe Avatar agent2.jpg L1P3-Safe.jpg

That worked!

Someone was keeping a copy of that announcement they loop at the airport.

Travel is such a pain as a civilian. Don't know why anyone even bothers.